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Environmental Activities
Environmental Policy
For the Preservation of the Environmental Well-being of  the Earth
Marubeni Plax has been certified with ISO 14001 based on its conviction that the environmental issue is part of corporate social responsibilities.
In addition, as a member of Marubeni Group companies, we established Marubeni Plax Environmental Policy in line with Marubeni Group's.
Basic Principle
Marubeni Plax, aware of its responsibility as a good corporate citizen,
will do its utmost to preserve the environmental well-being of the Earth, while
striving for the harmony and prosperity of human society.
Basic Policy
Considering the global nature and diversified business activities of Marubeni Plax,
basic policy in connection with global environmental preservation related to Marubeni Plax
activities shall be established as follows:
1. While undertaking business activities, environmental impacts will always be considered and efforts to reduce environmental risks, protect the environment and prevent pollution will be made.
(1) International environmental guidelines and environmental laws and regulations related to the country concerned and local self-governing body and other subscribed environmental requirements will be observed.
(2) At the time new investment and business is commenced and new equipment introduced, The reduction of environmental impacts will be considered. This will be especially true for resource development projects where the preservation of the natural ecosystem. and regional environment will be given with great consideration and care.
(3) In daily office work, green procurement, energy savings, resource savings, reduction of waste and improvement of business efficiency will be carried out.
(4) Efforts to create goods, services, and social systems related to protection and / or improvement of the environment will be made.
2. In line with the sprit of this Environmental Policy, efforts toward fulfillment and continuous improvement of the environmental management system of Marubeni Plax shall be made.
3. All directors, employees and all persons working for the Marubeni Plax shall be notified of this Environmental Policy and this Environmental Policy will also be made available to public.