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Our Business
Film & Plastic Products Div.
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Our Business
Film & Plastic Products Div. / We put our enthusiasm into packages in daily life.
In the field of the packaging materials, we handle a wide range of packaging materials
such as films, sheets, final plastic products and food containers for consumers.
We support customers for effective operations in selecting materials for packages and
proposing environmental-friendly final products as well as planning supply network for
suitable logistics systems through the global network of Marubeni group.
In the field of the performance products, we focus on flat panel display fields with expanded handling of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and touch panel related products.
We can access updated market information and meet diverse needs of each customer.

In the field of the industrial materials, our various handlings, such as inorganic products, molding plastic materials, electronic devices, etc., enable to cater for customers’ various needs.
  【Packaging materials】
1. Food packaging materials
2. Food containers
3. Industrial packaging materials
4. Imported plastic bags and products
  【Performance products】
1. Flat display panels
2. Touch panels
3. Equipment & Automotive parts
4. Electronic devices
  【Packaging materials】
1. PP, PET, PE, PS, Polyamide
2. PP, PET, PS
3. PE, EPS
4. General purpose plastic resins
  【Performance products】
1. Various films
2. Optical films, Glass products
3. Inorganic products, Plastic molded parts
OPP, CPP, PET, Polyamide, HDPE, LDPE and Wrapping films
Hard coated films, Index matching films, ITO films, Silica-coated films, Reflective films
Plastic Products
A-PET, PP, OPS, PS, Formed PE, PSP, PVC and other sheets
Food containers, Blister products, Plastic bags, Automotive parts, Cooling tower parts, Daily necessities and consumer goods
Carbon fiber, Calcinated magnesite, ITO glass sheets, LED aluminum sheets
Please contact us
■Film & Plastic Products Dept. ●Through E-mail
Phone:81-3-6891-7622 Fax:81-3-6891-7641
■Packaging & Industrial Materials Dept.
Phone:81-3-6891-7537 Fax:81-3-6891-7642
■Kyushu Branch
Phone:81-92-762-6081 Fax:81-92-762-6089