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Industrial Materials Div.
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Industrial Plastics Div.
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Our Business
Film & Plastic Products Div. / We put our enthusiasm into packages in daily life.
In the field of the packaging materials, we handle a wide range of packaging materials such as films, sheets, final plastic products and food containers for consumers.
We support customers for effective operations in selecting materials for packages and proposing environmental-friendly final products as well as planning supply network for suitable logistics systems through the global network of Marubeni group.
1. Food packaging materials
2. Industrial packaging materials
3. Medical packaging
4. Industrial material
5. Imported plastic bags and products
1. General purpose plastic resin
2. Special plastic films
3. Commodity goods
4. Foods
OPP, CPP, PET, Polyamide, HDPE, LDPE and Wrapping films
Metalized films, Silica-coated films, Coated films, Laminated films
Plastic Products
A-PET, PP, OPS, PS, Formed PE, PSP, PVC and other sheets
Food containers, Plastic bags, Paper cups, Non-woven products
Carbon fiber, Calcinated magnesite, ITO glass sheets, LED aluminum sheets
Please contact us
■Film & Plastic Products Dept. ●Through E-mail
Phone:81-3-6891-7529 Fax:81-3-6891-7641
■Packaging & Industrial Materials Dept.
Phone:81-3-6891-7556 Fax:81-3-6891-7642